a Friend in need is a friend indeed...
1 sentence that bring the smile to all my friends... to me all friends are special..whether they are she, he or my boyfriend...
thanks dear...give me a light life..
my truly friends during my 2ndary school..
imah, sakinah, ayu, hajar...
my special friends in kmkn..
mira, tasha, Ghash, ain, diana, dedeq, stalker...huhuhu..
my tiptop S'oNe
mcla, ika, mcja, meimei@acak2, intan, sha, sikin, seha, cek pah, capik, apis, AzmieAB, pieza, mcHa, atirah, nani, aimi, nuha..
My housemate in Uitm..
nini, una, raihan, aida, kinah, mus and ain..

thanks to all...
sorry for the one/s who not mentioned here...
hope our friendship will life longer than our expected life..
keep in touch...u are in my heart every nanosec... for you all

Flowers will bloom in the morning dew

while the breeze carries its fragrance far away
my everlasting love for you is in the dew
and forever your love in my heart will stay..

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